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I have three different decks of Tarot cards I use during readings. I do this to add depth, details and complexity without interrupting flow. A compassionate and inspirational reader, I work for your greatest good to manifest better things, even during the most challenging of times. I prefer to discuss the emotional issues surrounding love and spirituality, but can also do money readings if asked.I call the challenges in life and I am here to help you go around yours.


A highly skilled clairvoyant. Ever since a young age, I've been gifted in knowing what the future holds for people and how they can best hone in on these skills themselves. What will your future tell you?


I am a very open minded soul who was born with my eyes open to the magic and beautiful intrigacy of life. My innate calling to seek for the deeper essence of life and everything around me has pulled me to spend much of my time since a child learning and then later researching all spiritual and metaphysical spheres of life. I have an abundant knowledge and personal experience (which is ever expanding)in natural, energetic and spiritual healing; metaphysics;numerology;astrology and quantum physics


The path we follow in our lives determine our happiness, emotional well being and success. Follow your bliss to achieve and maintain balance in your life. I am a lover of the tarot and an intuitive person who will combine my abilities to assist you in following your bliss.


I read a traditional Arcana and reach through my heart and body to discover the truths of your present, past, and future.


First off id like to introduce myself, im leanne and i see things i really shouldnt lol iv had this gift from an early age and can help you gin closure on many things in yur life. I am straight talking and honest and can usually create connections very quickly.


Hello there i am the one and only truth be told. I don't claim to be a psychic or have the abilities to see into the future. I am just a expertise when it comes to love and relationships and will keep it real. I have been thru ups and downs, had some good and bad times. I am willing to share with you my experience and let you make your own decisions when it comes to love and relationships. So with that being said give me a try and you won't be disappointed.


Kristen New Orleans native is a powerful psychic and medium who uses Tarot to tap into the world of spirit to provide answers and guidance At seventeen she had her first Tarot reading, and was told her path in life was to help people her gifts through the study of a variety of spiritual paths and magical practices love and relationships, work career, health,legal issues, and so much more! Education and Experience which in turn gives her psychic clients clearer information and assistance.