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Hello there i am the one and only truth be told. I don't claim to be a psychic or have the abilities to see into the future. I am just a expertise when it comes to love and relationships and will keep it real. I have been thru ups and downs, had some good and bad times. I am willing to share with you my experience and let you make your own decisions when it comes to love and relationships. So with that being said give me a try and you won't be disappointed.


Kristen New Orleans native is a powerful psychic and medium who uses Tarot to tap into the world of spirit to provide answers and guidance At seventeen she had her first Tarot reading, and was told her path in life was to help people her gifts through the study of a variety of spiritual paths and magical practices love and relationships, work career, health,legal issues, and so much more! Education and Experience which in turn gives her psychic clients clearer information and assistance.


I was born with a gift. I can tell you the future, past, present, and the answers to your life's puzzles.


Hi I'm Maize, I am a qualified practitioner dealing with patients mental and emotional difficulties including as an agony aunt. I am caring, kind, easy to talk too and a very good listener. I am here to help you work through your problems towards a solution or answer any questions you may have. I can help with many different areas from teenage issues, careers, marriage and more. I specialise in love and relationships. There's always a solution to your problem. I'm here to help you find it.


I am a clairaudient and clairrvoyance psychic reader. I provide insights to your life and can tell you what's in store.



I am a professional clairvoyant who specializes in love and relationships. I am experienced in the way of love.


I've been intuitive all my life. I also have empathic abilities. I started reading tarot cards for myself about 2 years ago and I'd now like to share my gifts with others.