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I just know things, I’ve been reading cards for years and practicing for years. It runs in my family.


I’ve always been talkative with people and especially mens. In a friendly way or not because it always good to know that people is interested by ourselves for who we are mentally but also physically sometimes.


Hello and Welcome. I am all about helping you move through your journey. I am highly compassionate, gifted and intuitive. My style tend to be very direct, straight to the point, and realistic. I do not offer time frames as time is fluid and changes due to your future action. I read the energy that is around you now as energy is always changing. I can see events but NOT TIME LINES. I specialize in healing, relationships, career, business, and life questions. Let's Regulate Your Reality.


Let’s talk and see what the future holds for you ❤️ I’ll be your personal life advisor and I’ll make sure you’re always protected


My specialties include being able to make others feel loved and satisfied. I am sure to rock your world.


I am a practicing witch who enjoys giving tarot readings and would love to do one for you! I use a deck that is cleansed between uses. I also have much advice to give to anyone seeking help with the supernatural.


my name is Calypso and I am an intuitive reader. I can get answers through different tools I use and spiritual messages that come in.


Hello and welcome, A little about me My name is Sarah and I am an Intuitive oracle/tarot card reader as well as a empath and Reiki Master. As I connect to your energy I may use divination tools such as the Tarot, Angel cards, Oracle cards and or the pendulum to get the most insight possible for you. It is important to know there is not silly question, ask me anything! And know everything is confidential when connecting with me.✨️