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Hello Divine ones I am here for you as a guide and reflection to help you look within yourself to find the answers your soul already knows . Thank you for sharing space with me .


I can provide any healing and tarot readings. I can give you the solution to ANY problem. My spirit guides help me help others.


I discovered my ability when I was 21 I always knew something was different about me but up till I was 21 I was unsure till I came to see my predictions were true and my angry hex of words caused things to happen people came to find out not to double cross Me cause I can so see the future and predict lots of things but not all yet since I'm Still discovering my gifts and powers


I have been psychic since birth and using my gifts to help and empower people since I can remeber. I have a lifelong experience with spiritual studies, healing and the esoteric. I specialize in love and relationships and law of attraction /manifestation. I incorporate my own psychic insight, Tarot and a hint of astrology in my most of my readings to give you a broad perspective from all angles to help you gain the clarity you are seeking to move forward.


I realized I had a gift at a young age.Although I never understood it back then I knew it was something special. I started practicing it as I got older and have become very familiar and comfortable with the spiritual world and in touch with myself.


Born an empath. Tuned in from childhood. Recognising and reading the energy bodies of others. My aim is to help and guide you on your journey. I offer: *Oracle card and chakra readings *Energy readings and healing *Spiritual advice and guidance *Dream interpretation *Pendulum work Please state at the beginning of the call which service you would like, or say 'general' if you'd like me to intuit and decide for you. I look forward to connecting with you. Love and Blessings x


I'm a master of hypnotherapy and meditation. I may assist you to relax and find your life balance. if you need a warm, spiritual encounter to relieve stress I may be who you want to talk to.


I was around 6 years old when I first realized I had an ability to sense things other people can’t. I will give you advice based on vibrations i receive from speaking with you and asking some simple questions . Once the vibe is caught, it begins. Advice on love, relationships, friendships, family, career, I will be able to lead you to where you want to go. Trust in me, and you will forever be grateful