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I enjoy being of service by providing intuitive insight and guidance for the highest good of all that I work with.


I am here to open up your minds eye. To detach from your first person point of view and gain clarity from a third person out of body vantage point. The universe is looming over all of us. Let's start your adventure, let's talk.


Let's go with the flow and see where it's taking us. Who knows what we might discover,the more we know each other, the more will be revealed. I like classy gentlemen, especially if you have a good sense of humor


I m Anexiaflorenza .you can call me doll .So basically here i am and from the name you can understand why i m here ...


Iam a natural healer and psychic, i work with Angels making my reading 110% accurate! I realised my gift after the death of my father at a young age when I started getting messages and visions, i believe i was gifted to help others and pass messages from loved ones from heaven giving my client guidance and peace. I have been reading and practicing mediumship for about 10 years now. I am a compassionate listener and always want to help, I thrive on getting the answers you have asked for.


Hey there, I'm here to assist you on your journey! I'm an oracle medium using my 'clairs' (clear feeling,hearing,knowing) to interpret and channel energy. I've been reading cards for about 6 years. I've always known about my psychic abilities. As a young girl, my guides and ancestors would communicate with me through sounds, objects and showing themselves. Intuitive messages are timeless. I mediate and cleanse our space before each reading. My goal is to bring clarity and insight. Let's connect!


I am an intuitive psychic! Highly clairvoyant with major clairsentience. All clairvoyant abilities and wanting to help you with your love life or heightening your spiritual abilities and gifts. I communicate with spirit guides and angels. I am a kind soul. Most of all I want to help you feel that you are getting a fair reading for your money! I read tarot as well as read intuitively. I also LOVE astrology and will help you know yourself better.


To be honest I first found my love of tarot reading when working for a haunted house (that's where this profile picture is from). Before then I had only done readings for myself and a few friends but doing readings for people and seeing how clarifying it can be made me realize I wanted to keep going. Now two years later I read tarot, runes, bones, and many forms of divination.