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I first discovered my psychic ability when I was 10... My grandfather had passed away yet he would visit me on a nightly basis ... Always comforting and calming... He has now become my 3rd eye ... My spirit guide ... My protector ... With his help just listening to your voice I will hopefully enable u to make the right decisions in your life and help u see things clearly. He also can talk to passed spirits ...enabling us to contact your dear ones ... Give me a call and let me help empower you


My grandmother was a Romani (or gypsy, but we don't like that word) psychic and taught me a lot about the old ways. I've been practicing Tarot and Astrology for five years.


I'm a relationship guru. For years I have been helping people understand what they need to do spiritually to help their relationship when they feel unconnected. With my help, I can find out what the problems may be and find a way to connect you again.


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I'm a guru for love. I know how people tick and can spice up your life with all your relationships and endeavours.


Thank you for contacting me. Many tend to contact me for advices regarding love, work, family and other topics that stays close to a persons heart. I'm aware that for many this is a big move to make and ask for help and guidance. When you do so I will be here for you. Assist and lead you to a safe and enlightened path on road of life.


Hello my name is Adam I am a true gifted master psychic morn with the energy to help. I have helped many people overcome sadness, confusion, mental depression, anxiety and other elements that are alien to our spirit in our body. Let me help you overcome your fear. 35 years experience - I know, I see, I feel.


Intuitive psychic and studied astrology for many years- The astrological composite chart, one that views the relationship between two poeple as an entity in itself, can help you understand the draws and pitfalls of a relationship. To do a compatibility chart I need birthdates of both partners; For an indivdual chart I need a date, place and time of birth accurate to within 3 minutes. Best to book calls and provide birth details at that time so I can prepare- I am available 7pm to 9pm Mon-Fri.