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I have precognitive knowledge Annie many things. I can answer questions about a person's past or future without any prior knowledge about the person. I know many of the things you are unsure of. I want to be able to lead you to your true life path.


Hello,I am Advisor Steff and I am an Intuitive Psychic Advisor with the gift to heal, feel, and see to guide you into your rightful destiny and happiness, I have over 20 years experience as a Psychic, Spiritualist, and healer. My experience is dynamic. I instantly connects to my clients and needs no details. specific and can outline time lines. Im able to pick up energy of others being discussed and can reveal their true intentions. Working with Me is an experience


I read cards...my abilities only work with the help of your energy. All the answers are inside of you...my job is to help you find them. That's the most I can say..


I am a great listener. I'm very excellent with love and relationships. I have amazing advice and always here for you.


I am have done psychic readings for25 years very accurate i do not use tools but my guides only i can read tarot cards one call with me you be shocked on my accurancy


Reiki Master Healing Practioner. Doreen Virtue Registered Angel Card Reader. Reiki Distance Healing. Angel Card Guidance and Healing. Guided Meditation. Creative Art Therapy for Personal Healing and Empowerment.


I have been doing this for about 5 years now. I've always know I had special ablilites but i was about 20 when I fully figured it out. I like to use my ability to help people.


I am a spiritual guide for those feeling lost & seeking clarity around specific areas in their life. I discovered my clairvoyant abilities, especially around relationships, about 5 years ago & began offering card readings & dream interpretation 2 years later. I specialize in reading messages from the universe & associating them with crystals for the ultimate guiding power.