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My name is Charlotte Ann and I've been advising people for 27 years in areas of relationships,connections and love. I am a gifted receiver of spiritual intuition and psychic energy. My readings are strongest for current and future predictions. I have also practiced astrology all of my adult life. This gift has been a part me of since childhood. My readings are honest and I believe in telling the truth. I can help you find the real answers you need to know about your relationship and love life.


i 've worked in private practice & online doing phone, email and chat readings, specializing in love/relationships for 33 years.i have a CASAC as a therapist, I am a 3rd level Reiki Master and Teacher,I have lectured on psychic abilities, I do reincarnational readings and pet readings I was a writer for a metaphysical magazine for 6 yrs -I am truly psychic since childhood. I've worked as a psychic consultant on 2 motion pictures..my readings are accurate, honest and straight from the heart!


Trying to find your place in the world? Searching for answers? Do you want to know if there will be true love in your life? Are you wondering what's in store for your financial future? text or call and speak with me for a live reading one on one


I have been a pyschic for over a year. I can tell you almost anyhting about your relationship. Is it right? What should I do? Let me know what i can do to help you.


Hello Everyone I was born a psychic. I have a very strong and accurate sense of knowing when it comes to everything around me. I am a natural empath, healer, and knowledge seeker. I would love to help you find rest, peace, and understanding through the answers you seek. I will always tell you the truth. I also hope to bring you joy and a smile to your face as I help you with all of these love relationships.


My name is Stephanie. My Readings start off with a snapshot of your personal Numerology: Your Life Path Number, current and upcoming Personal Years. I then move to the cards to communicate to you the information I'm receiving. The less information I know upfront about you, the better because it allows me to interpret the information in an honest and uninhibited manner.I then finish with a pull from an oracle deck, most often an Angel deck. Its all dependent on time allotted for the reading.


Iam never wrong.Can tell u anything.I can talk to the other side.I love it when peoples love ones come to me wanting to let them its ok


I've been a practicing pyschic for a while now. Tarot Cards, Palm, Reading, I do it all. Ask me all you need to know. Help me to help you.