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Hi I am psychic Candy I am a third born generation gifted psychic I have over 15 years of experience of helping and guiding people through their path in life I noticed my gift at a very young age and I have been helping people ever sense I specialize in love finance business career past life and much more I am here to answer all those devastating questions so contact me today for your better tomorrow let's put you on the right path in life thank you so much


Welcome I am Leah Chakras,I come from a family of empaths, clairvoyants and tarot readers on both sides.I first discovered my divinity of tarot reading when I was 25 I have been doing readings for 14 years and have always been very accurate in my readings.A lot of people mistake tarot reading for mediums,no spirts are involved it is all about your energy and I interpt the cards for you, so trust in yourself and I will help make understanding of it. love and light. Leah Chakras


My mother used to tell me that as a child I would predict random events that would happen. I always used to listen and but into adult conversations telling them the truth of the matter and what their future holds for them. I used to get in a lot of trouble and still do to this day! I'm not your typical mumbo jumbo kind of psychic that speaks to spirits it's always been kind of a knowing then rudely interrupting people in the middle of conversations with friends, family and even strangers!


Namaste, and thankyou for visiting my page. I am deeply passionate about helping others working with my spirituality, psychic & mediumistic abilities to offer love and light to those who are in need. I am currently studying to become a counsellor and so I can also use my counselling skills to help offer guidance, empathy and understanding to anyone who wishes to talk about any concerns or troubles they may have. Sending Love & Light to all xxx


Hello, I am Zariyah. I am a empath with a compassionate ear and heart who is always willing to assist you with all matters that arise that need clarity and guidance. Let me help you get the answers and reassurance you seek. I will use my natural gift as well as the use of my tarot, angel and oracle cards with the aid of my spirit guide.


Intuitive and spiritual, a natural mind-reader. Can sense energies and how and what people are thinking. Experienced motivational speaker, Influential and amicable. I can help with anything spiritual, just give me a message!


Since I was in high school I have been ready tarot and have always felt like I had an intuitive spirit. I have been studying and practicing for about 8 years. I specialize in tarot card readings that touch on love, sex, relationships, finances, health, and overall life choices. Let me help guide you throughout the most difficult things we all have to deal with at some point or another.


Hello my name is Harper I am a 3rd generation God gifted psychic I have been a psychic clairvoyant Empath remote viewer for over 18 years. I use my gift to help you see more clearer with clarity and guidance. My job is to help you with all the answers you seek. Pushing away all negativity and going to a positive straight path to success in your desire. No problem is too big or to small for guidance. I am a friendly none judge mental straight to the point.