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I've done numerology for 10 years. I need your whole name your gender date of birth time of birth birth place You can choose these: Life Destiny Personality Single chartwheel Soul Scope Young Life Forecaster Predictor Soul Guide Intimate Lover Lovers Guide Soul Mates Star Lovers


I was born in Kingston Jamaica. I come from a long line of healers. I love to help people on their own spiritual paths to love , health , and prosperity.


I can't say who you will choose to spend the rest of your life with, but I can guide you. With the help of my guides I have helped many people choose the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Contact me and I can do the same for you.



I akways knew I was psycic. I recieved constant messages from spirit guides and the universe that have helped me navigate my way through life.I have come to realise that not all the information is for me and I have enjoyed using it to help others. We have a responsibility to look after eachother and share. Life can be confusing. We have help from vaeious realms and it is a medium's job to make sure messages get to the right people at the right time in an objective, sensitve and honest manner.


I am Mystic Kayla located in Adelaide, South Australia. I have been practicing for the past 3 years regarding tarot and oracle card reading. I also read palms and pendulum.


I'm a Psychic Medium and With the help of the Spirits that walk with me, I can heal physical and emotional wounds, shield and protect from harm, increase abundance and success, and help you find peace in the midst of life's storms. I have practiced the art and science of magic for nearly a decade and as a Hoodoo Rootworker I provide help and aid to people of every background imaginable.


I am one that sees things as they are... firm believer in fate and destiny.Anyone deserves the best in life its just how to find whats best for you is what we will work on