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Specialist in love, romance, marriage and family dynamics. My Main Goal is to make you the absolute best person you can be in all facets of your life. My advice will be tailored to your specific situation, by giving you easy to follow action plans on how to resolve the current situation you find yourself in. Thus making you the resilient, strong and powerful human being you were born to be. I will always be available via messaging and phone chat to help you succeed.


I am a Libra. I am an artist and have been most of my life. I see things other people miss out on. Let's have a chat. If your spirit was not concerned with something in particular you would not have found me. So listen to it.



From birth I was strange constantly staring up laughing trying to grab things that aren't even there. When I reached about age 7 i can remember singing and seeing my father who had passed away when i was 6 standing there listening, smiling. I then told my mother and she reached out to a clairvoyant and she confirmed I had what she had. From 14 I started learning the ropes and I can now reach to spirits and send messages to and from. It's lovely.


I discovered I was an empath at 7 and decided to become a wiccan and develop it to help others. I'm always looking to develop my skills and I hope we can do that together


I can read your tarot cards See about your love and relationship Astrology sign and all let me help you


Hello my friend I am a 4th generation Healer and have been working in the field for the past 25 years. I specialize in Absent healing.Energy care and balance Supports the body's own inner healing and immune system Nourishes body, mind and spirit


Im a third generation psychic who works with angel cards and spirit guides to bring information to my clients. During a reading I also use my reiki healing skill to bring calmness and distance healing if you are in a bad place. You may feel the effect of this healing energy almost immediately or within 48hours of our reading. As well as being a reader, I can bring insight into any pressing issues that crop up in the cards.