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Descendant of Creole Africans that has practiced tarot readings for my entire adult life. The spirit of my ancestors and the Gods of the old country help me to see messages that are unclear to many people who are desensitized to these energies. Using tarot and a set of divination bones blessed by my ancestors, I can give you a meaningful reading.


My Name is serendipity, yes, really. Ren for short. I read Tarot and interpret dreams. I'm skilled in Lucid dreaming.


Hi my name is madamblue, I have known of my psychic ability from an early age. I have always had the sense I was gifted in this department. When I started receiving signs I knew that I had to channel this gift into helping others. For the last 13 years I have been reading for people and giving very personal messages. Let me help you to discover the answers to your questions, and guide you in your journey.


Hello, my name is Sarahlee. I specialize in helping people through difficult situations. Whether it be relationships, job decisions, or whether or not to make a move. I will shuffle my tarot cards while tapping into your energy. I often feel a tingling sensation in my fingers over the right cards I am supposed to select for you. We will read them together and let the spirits guide us with the best decision for you. I have been helping people for many years and hope to help you as well.


Hello, My name is Kia and I'm a professional tarot card reader. I've been reading now for over 6 years. I specialise in Love & Relationships as this is the area that most of my clients require readings in but other factors are sometimes included within the reading. I work with a 5 card spread and provide a full reading with the cards selected and any other factors or areas that I'm feeling whilst we embark on this, your spiritual insight, together.