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Virgo- What does your Starsign mean?

August 28, 2015

From August 23- September 22, the sun is in Virgo, the 6th sign of the zodiac. If you were born in those dates, you can read this blog and find out what being a Virgo means for you.

The symbol of Virgo is a maiden, which comes from the Greek goddess Astraea. She was a virgin who represented innocence and purity on earth, and became the constellation Virgo.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign, which means that they are very flexible and willing to change their minds about certain things. They are practical, well organised and very intelligent. They like to do lots of creative things in their spare time and don’t like to be lazy.

Virgos are wise people, who have great emotional depths. You will have to get to know a Virgo very well before you can get to truly discover their personality. They are very analytical and think things over a lot, which can also make them very critical of other people's behavior, rather than be laid back and let things go. If you are not used to harsh judgment than you may not want to be around a Virgo!

When Virgo is in love they can be very loyal partners. A good partner for a Virgo is someone who can stimulate them and encourages their creativity. Good matches are Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.

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