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Moon Magic, Reiki, Love,Career. I am a master manifestor and can teach you the tools to manifesting the life you dream of. I am a Certified spiritual Life Coach, I channel from spirit guides angels and ancestors. 100% genuine, compassionate, honest. I dont believe in misleading anyone, it goes against my agreement with higher power. If you want an honest reading message or call me!!!!

Call then enter personal number 18611

1866 is a toll free number.Calls cost from 80 point per minute.SP Visional Media Ltd. Helpline +442077148032.. Buy Points


I'm Stormie, and I'm a Psychic, Let Me Help You Get The Roadmap To Your Hearts Desires! Longtime Tarot Reader/Personal Mentor (Life Coach/Mindset Coach). I'm blessed to be able to help many people worldwide in both areas, I hope to be able to help you too, whether through reading or mentoring/coaching, If you would like my help, I am a respectful, sympathetic, honest reader in Love, Career, Protection, Soulmates, Twinfalmes, Make Your Wishes Come True, and Get your Ex Back! Manifest It!

Call then enter personal number 26251

1866 is a toll free number.Calls cost from 80 point per minute.SP Visional Media Ltd. Helpline +442077148032.. Buy Points


What do the cards reveal for you? Let's explore and have them help guide you toward your next path. Is it Love? Friendship? Career? Or Anything in between? Let's take a look at what paths are open to you.

Personal number 19097


I am a Psychic, Intuitive, Seer and Tarot card Reader. I have been providing metaphysical services for most of my life. My father introduced me to the Tarot, the skill passed down many generations. I use my cards as a tool to enhance my psychic gift, but at times I am shown information without the cards. I look forward to helping you!

Personal number 25575


Hello, I'm a pagan witch from Sweden, and I read Norse runes and practice natural and earth bound magic. I can help you find your centre and your path and I'd love to take any questions you need to ask the universe and help you make sense of the answer. Come and have a chat and we'll see where we end up...

Personal number 16866


Nixx is an exceptional double empath, both physical and emotional, a clairvoyant, and a strong medium. Let Nixx and her guides give you clarity, purpose for your life and how to get what you desire and if this is your right path!

Personal number 45775


I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, EVEN IF IT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! IF THIS CAUSES YOU TO LEAVE ME A BAD RATING THAT IS FINE BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! I practice Hoodoo since 4 years old. I read tarot and birth charts. I can also give you a reading with sea salt and water. I specialize in protection spells and love spells.

Personal number 22240


I will be honest with you and up front tell you what I see and feel from the spirits guide you with loving angel wings let me read for you today I speak to the guys on the other side as well as use my tarot cards as a window to see our past present and future there are so many people out there that misguide I want to be one that shows you that psychics can be good for you.

Personal number 34240