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🌟 Amara Charms: Your Guiding Light 🌟 Expertise in Tarot and Angel Card Reading: Unlock the secrets of your life with precision and empathy. πŸ’–Love and Relationships: Navigate the complexities of love with insights into your romantic connections.πŸ’– πŸ’Έ Success Guidance: Find clarity in your decisions and attract abundance. πŸ’Έ πŸš€ Propel your professional and personal life forward with success, happiness and fulfilment!πŸš€ Personalized Readings: Each session is tailored to your unique life path, offering personalized insights. Empowerment with Confidence: Gain the confidence you need to take the next step in your life. Unlock Your Potential: Discover the possibilities that lie ahead with guidance that illuminates your future. Let Amara Charms be your beacon of light in navigating life's challenges, illuminating your path to personal success and fulfillment. 🌈✨

Personal number 47868


I’m a natural born psychic and an experienced tarot reader. I’m non judgemental and empathetic but also truthful and open. I will answer any question you have and am here to help

Personal number 49690


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Personal number 21431


Jane card reader here for you just give me a shout when you need a reading and i can help you with many problems.

Personal number 36031


I am a psychic who uses tarot for my primary tool of divination. I combine energy reading with my psychic abilities to make a connection with the spiritual realm, working closely with source and spirit guides to interpret messages of spirits. Im deeply compassionate understanding and full of empathy and assure you will feel safe and relaxed. I want to assist you in gaining clarity in whatever situation you are going through. Whether its a quick 3 card reading or a more indepth reading I am always happy to help.

Personal number 26535


Hello to all and welcome, call me Lady tarot or Lady T for short, I'm down with that. I have natural gifts since I was a young child I was connected and saw spirits. I work with Angels and my ancestors for life guidance and direction, let my guides be your guides and may they help bring you clarity.

Personal number 31194


What do the cards reveal for you? Let's explore and have them help guide you toward your next path. Is it Love? Friendship? Career? Or Anything in between? Let's take a look at what paths are open to you.

Personal number 19097


I have more than 15 years of experience, since I was little I have had premonitions that really happen and with the help of my grandmother who was a medium I developed my gift, nowadays I work only with spirituality.I help people with the gift that God gave me. I am honest and direct in all my consultations

Personal number 14534