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I have always had a natural gift of clairvoyance and being connected with the universe. I started to pursue my gifts as a teenager and have had a strong spiritual connection with source and myself. I intuitively can communicate and receive downloads from spirit, angels, and ancestors. I specialize in tarot reading and also am a spiritual life coach for those that need help innerstanding their purpose here on earth.

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Hello beautiful, I am a spiritual Coach. I am here to help you to transform to be the best version of yourself and to live an abundant life. I use my intuition and Divine guidance to read your energy and to give you the tools that you need to help and guide you. My passion is in love and relationship, Twinflames and spirituality. Also If you need advice or simply just someone to talk to and to listen, I am here for you:)

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1866 is a toll free number.Calls cost from 80 point per minute.SP Visional Media Ltd. Helpline +442077148032.. Buy Points


Hi I am 53 and now a retired nurse after 30 years in forensic psychiatry in the NHS i can now follow my path as a gifted Clairsentient I sense energy's in other people gaining psychic insight. gut feelings. Pick up on Spirit feelings. Physically feel other people's pain. I feel empathy.sympathy.emotions and physical sensations I develop and strengthen my Clairsentience skills by accessing divine guidance. I have a high level of perception and connect emotionally with my calls

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1866 is a toll free number.Calls cost from 80 point per minute.SP Visional Media Ltd. Helpline +442077148032.. Buy Points


Hello my name is Amy I am a angelic reki practitioner I specialise in working with God and the angels I work in angel healing and angel card readings. I am a caring person and want to help anyone I'm not judgemental, I am very understanding and want to help and give you the guidence and messages from the angels. Have a nice calm relaxed reading

Personal number 11726


Greetings! Are you confused about your love life, trying to make an important decision, or not sure where your life is heading? I would be honored to help guide you in the right direction and bring clarity to the answers you seek! I am a born intuitive empath, psychic, astrologer, oracle and tarot card reader, and spiritual healer. I am here to help you get answers, direction, clarity, and guidance to your most heart-felt questions. For more than one question, please submit an indepth request.

Personal number 19963


Hi I'm Angel and I'm 47 I've been reading tarot cards for 28 years now. I believe in giving an honest and down to earth reading. Ask me a question and I shuffle as we talk then deal the cards. I'm sorry but I can't answer questions dealing with health, legal or pregnancy related issues. Are you wanting to know about love ? Ask me? Finances? Ask me. Job issues? Ask me. I'll try my best to deliver what you ask about. I read tarot and angel/oracle cards ! Try me you wont regret it !

Personal number 13698


I am a Psychic Medium and an ongoing sacred studies student graduating in Advanced Esoteric Studies, Metaphysics, Mediumship, Angelology and World Religions. Besides offering Psychic, Mediumship and Tarot Card Readings among other Spiritual and Healing Services locally I also help clients worldwide via Phone

Personal number 11578


Hi. I am an Intuitive, Empath & Gifted Healer with 40+ years of experience. I can assist you with: Love & Relationship Issues, Loss & Grieving, LGBTQ Issues & Dream Interpretations. Not only will I provide you with Great INSIGHT & CLARITY about your concerns or questions, but I will also transmit to you - remote energy healing because I want you to experience an essence of inner peace, and tranquility throughout your reading & for several days afterwards. I WANT TO HELP YOU. Ready to Talk?

Personal number 17888