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Nixx is an exceptional double empath, both physical and emotional, a clairvoyant, and a strong medium. Let Nixx and her guides give you clarity, purpose for your life and how to get what you desire and if this is your right path!

Personal number 45775


I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, EVEN IF IT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! IF THIS CAUSES YOU TO LEAVE ME A BAD RATING THAT IS FINE BUT THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH! I practice Hoodoo since 4 years old. I read tarot and birth charts. I can also give you a reading with sea salt and water. I specialize in protection spells and love spells.

Personal number 22240


My spiritual awakening began in 2019 in which I began exploring divination alongside my natural abilities. I connected with a renown spiritual advisor who helped me discover more about myself and how I was meant to help the collective. I am an intuitive channeler, with access to all seven clair senses. I also use divination tools such as tarot cards and pendulums for further insight during my readings. My readings are always in depth yet to the point.

Personal number 38509


I will be honest with you and up front tell you what I see and feel from the spirits guide you with loving angel wings let me read for you today I speak to the guys on the other side as well as use my tarot cards as a window to see our past present and future there are so many people out there that misguide I want to be one that shows you that psychics can be good for you.

Personal number 34240


Hi, I'm Alicia. I read tarot, Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle, Love Oracle, Angel Oracle and Psychic Tarot Oracle cards. I also use my pendulum and can ask those in spirit yes or no questions. I'm a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Level 2 Sound Healer. I earned my degree in human nature from the school of hard knocks. I think I can help you!

Personal number 26163


Introducing Psychic Violet, the seasoned clairvoyant with years of experience in unlocking the mysteries of the unseen. With an unwavering connection to the ethereal realms, Violet possesses a unique ability to delve into the depths of your past, present, and future, guiding you towards clarity and empowerment. Drawing upon her extensive expertise and finely tuned intuition, Violet unveils the hidden threads that shape your life's tapestry.

Personal number 37313


I started my spiritual journey almost 3 years ago and stumbled across tarot. It was like love at first sight and once I realized I had that gift all my other gifts started to flow as well. With me I can help you heal from past traumas assist with decisions of the day and provide guidance for the future.

Personal number 23645


I am a passionate Advisor who is honest, respectful and direct. I practice unconditional positive regard for each person and listen carefully with care and compassion. I enjoy and employ active listening skills to identify your core needs while gauging what you truly seek. I possess a high degree of empathy and kindness while using gentle guidance and positivity. My skill set allows me to handle any type of stressor or presenting problem.

Personal number 17069