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Tarot Card Reading! I also do Ribbon Reading!Each ribbon represent a different meaning.You choose 6 Colour Ribbon,starting with the 1st colour your drawn to until you have chosen 6 ribbons.Message or call with the 1st to 6th colour ribbon & I will read them.. Ribbon Colour.... Red, Pink, Dark Pink, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Green, Brown, Dark Plum, Pale Blue, Peach, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Purple, Pearl Grey... Please ask for extended reading though text messages Peace & Blessing

Personal number 5615


I am a 4th generation intuitive psychic medium. I have always known I was psychic from a young age. It was easy for me to understand situations my loved ones were going through from a inner knowing (clair-cognizance. Some of my gifts include clair-cognizance, clairvoyance & clairsentience. Along with my first love of astrology and my passion for tarot, this is how I provide wonderful readings for my beautiful clients.

Personal number 4700


Hello I am Bella! I have been using my natural psychic abilities alongside with the amazing tools of the Tarot since a young age. I'm also a Reiki Master. Love Magick. Call now for reading 7951. I'm accepting PHONE READINGS, and In-depth messages Readings. Become my fan so you get notify when I am online! I channel to you energy in order to provide you with an honest and accurate reading. My guides have always helped me guide others with very accurate predictions.

Personal number 7951


I have been a practicing psychic for over ten years. I discovered my abilities when I was very young, but I suppressed them for many years. I am very good at what I do, and I have helped many people. I would love to help you! I offer Tarot and Oracle card Readings, Love and Relationships, Angel Cards and Messages, & Astrology. I am Clairvoyant, and I am also a Psychic Medium. I can connect you with passed loved ones and your Spirit Guides. I am a Reiki Master, and I can give distance healing.

Personal number 0235


Hello my beautiful people. It is so nice to meet each and everyone of you. Iv been a tarot card reader for two and a half years and you are promised a clear and accurate reading everytime. I not only look at the cards but I'm also able to look into the person's spirit and help guide you down the right path. I can also perform a blessing for you at the end of your reading if you like. I use oil and herbs to do my blessings. I look forward to helping you with your journey through this life.

Personal number 9127


My name is Donna Williams and I am an independent psychic. For your personal reading I use tarot cards. If you have a specific question then please let me know at the beginning of the phone reading. If not i will use the tarot cards to give you a general reading and overview of your situation. I am available for in-depth readings. The messages are to answer one question only! I am easy going and friendly and i have the ability to put people at ease and give them valuable insight and guidance

Personal number 0652


I am a reader. I have been reading people since I was 12 years old. Everything I have said, they all came to pass, even till this day. People come to me when they have problems. I am a good listener. I am compassionate and empathetic. I am clairvoyant and I am an empath.

Personal number 5737


I am an experienced Tarot and Angel card reader. I have been reading for over 10 years. I will combine my psychic abilities to give you an in-depth Tarot reading. I am honest and always read from my heart. I will do my best to seek the answers you are looking for and find the path you belong on.

Personal number 2445