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You got questions? -I got answers! Will teach you how to make things happen! Gifted astrologist/psychic will share her powerful knowledge with you and help you to overcome your fears and uncertainty on the way to the bright future.. Love and relationship Adviser Experienced Psychologist with insights on power of matrix.. -Madame Marie

Personal number 1728


In this time of uncertainty for so many of us, we sometimes seek the advice of others or would like to have some help to deal with theses uncertainty and help point you towards the best direction to take to get your life back on path with destiny. So give me a call or send me a message and let's get the answer to questions you need the most. I am open for all calls and message pertaining to love, life, lifestyle, family, and quick yes or no. I am twin flame expert and numerology. Call or message

Personal number 5849


Hi!!! I've been giving psychic readings +29yrs & use a variety of tools including Tarot, Angel & other cards, Numerology, I-Ching, Crystals & Runes. Call for a quick YES/NO reading or full, in depth consultation. Ask me anything in confidence & confidentiality. I tell you what I see... If I'm not online please request a booking at your preferred time as I can often be available at short notice. I also interpret dreams, can offer Fung Shui advice, practice L.O.A & I am a true holistic therapist.

Personal number 8541


As a child and teenager 2 very important experiences showed me strength of my abilities. I have been doing readings for 20 years. I am clairvoyant clairaudeint clairsensient intuitive empathic give spiritual guidance and counselling, do numerology and dream interpretation. I am warm friendly and my readings are easy and comfortable. I give spiritual guidance on all aspects of life, so call, message, short or indepth or book a time which suits you, to get clarity in life and answers you seek.

Personal number 9702


Hi I am now a retired nurses after 30 years in forensic psychiatry in the NHS i can now follow my path as a gifted Clairsentient I sense energy's in other people gaining psychic insight. gut feelings. Pick up on Spirit feelings. Physically feel other people's pain. I feel empathy.sympathy.emotions and physical sensations I develop and strengthen my Clairsentience skills by accessing divine guidance. I have a high level of perception and connect emotionally with my calls

Personal number 2476


Hello everyone! Kenny is back and I am looking forward to reading for new friends and old! I am an intuitive psychic and Tarot reader with many years experience. I read in a relaxed and compassionate style, mainly using the traditional Ride Waite cards. Whatever or whoever is on your mind, I will always try to help you find the positives in whatever situation you are in and to see a clearer way forward.

Personal number 4939


Psychic Emma is inviting you on a journey to enlightenment balance the mind body and soul using her techniques she is able to read with very little information such as name and date of birth if you are wondering what the year 2021 has planned for you contact her today! Emma specializes in reuniting twin flames past lives Love break ups and much more! She is positive and a comforting person who offers the best advice no matter the situation and offers you the truth & clarity you need

Personal number 9908


I'm Madame Sunrise. I'm here to be your Spirit Guide into the Supernatural. You have come to right place. I will take care you like you are my own.

Personal number 8050