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Diminishing anxiety with Divine direction, I inform, educate, foster, and help rebuild. Have questions about the unknown? I can direct you towards the path of clarity and accomplishment. Do not stay depressed! Take control of your life with powerful ideas, truths, and wisdom.

Personal number 8916


Hello, I'm a pagan witch from Sweden, and I read Norse runes and practice natural and earth bound magic. I can help you find your centre and your path and I'd love to take any questions you need to ask the universe and help you make sense of the answer. Come and have a chat and we'll see where we end up...

Personal number 6866


Astrologer Clairvoyant Medium Psychic Tarot Reader With Spirit Guides. Also Angel Card Reader Akashic Records Colour Therapist Dream Analyst Lost Objects Numerologist Paranormal Investigator Parapsychologist. Focus On Pets Too. Spiritualist Wiccan. Over 30 Years Experience Including T.V. & Media Work. From A Long Line Of Gifted Family Members In The Esoteric Field Including My Grandmother & Great Grandmother Who Helped Form The Local Spiritualist Church. Caring Empathic Intuitive Inspirational.

Personal number 3427


FRIENDLY HELPFUL READINGS FOR ALL TO ENJOY. I work with beautiful cards to help you see your life situation as it is, consider what you might do and what's ahead for you. Crystal advice is available alongside koshi bell and angelic healing. I am rarely available on the phone but I offer exceptional extended email readings, message responses and horoscopes. I'm here to help!

Personal number 3620


Hello everyone I am an intuitive Tarot Reader. I started by doing readings to my family and friends and I've been a professional Tarot reader for over two years. The deck that I usually use is the Rider Waite . I offer general and specific readings, one question and in-depth readings. I specialize in love, family and relationships. Reach out if you need guidance on any area of your life. I'm here to help you. Love and light. Personal pin : 5679

Personal number 5679


Greetings! Are you confused about your love life, trying to make an important decision, or not sure where your life is heading? I would be honored to help guide you in the right direction and bring clarity to the answers you seek! I am a born intuitive empath, psychic, astrologer, oracle and tarot card reader, and spiritual healer. I am here to help you get answers, direction, clarity, and guidance to your most heart-felt questions. For more than one question, please submit an indepth request.

Personal number 9963


You got questions? -I got answers! Will teach you how to make things happen! Gifted astrologist/psychic will share her powerful knowledge with you and help you to overcome your fears and uncertainty on the way to the bright future.. Love and relationship Adviser Experienced Psychologist with insights on power of matrix.. -Madame Marie

Personal number 1728


My dearest friends ones that I know and those who I have yet to get to know.Life throws so many things in our lives and as a result pain can be the result. However I have answers to all your burning questions whether it be about love, relationships, career, financial.Please do not be disheartened anymore.Call me for a reading and let me lead you to peace. I have experienced so many miracles so have no fear as I ask you to have-FAITH,HOPE,TRUST.LOVE AND LIGHT. I work with my spirit guide & cards.

Personal number 1213