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My name is Donna Williams and I am an independent psychic. For your personal reading I use tarot cards. If you have a specific question then please let me know at the beginning of the phone reading. If not i will use the tarot cards to give you a general reading and overview of your situation. I am available for in-depth readings. The messages are to answer one question only! I am easy going and friendly and i have the ability to put people at ease and give them valuable insight and guidance

Personal number 10652


I’ve known I had gift I was 16 I specialize in love . I will tune in spirits all I need is your bday !!! Let me help you with love and relationships. I use crystal ball for my readings

Personal number 43013


I am an experienced Tarot and Angel card reader. I have been reading for over 10 years. I will combine my psychic abilities to give you an in-depth Tarot reading. I am honest and always read from my heart. I will do my best to seek the answers you are looking for and find the path you belong on.

Personal number 12445


Since I have been a little girl, I have picked up information about people who have passed over. I am not the only one in my family with this gift as there are multiple generations of my maternal grandparents that have been known to be clairvoyant. I believe them to be guiding me still today. I have always had a strong pull towards tarot cards, but I see them as simply a tool to channel my gift. I can help you remove all the noise that can cloud what your guides want to tell you.

Personal number 45546


Lovely souls I am a natural psychic, tarot card reader and angel cards as well as oracle cards. Often just picking up in your energy and whats happening for you and where to change etc. I also offer councelling. I am a reiki master and do various types of healing. I have many references as I am always accurate and always speak the truth. If you subscribe you will be able to have a weekly intensive mini reading of your choice of subject or healing or advise/councelling saving you a lot of money

Personal number 46571


There is no intuitive guess work or personal interpretation with my readings. I share exactly what I am receiving from I AM. As a spiritually awakened conduit for I AM, I am gifted with a divination technique that NO ONE else in the world can perform and I receive spiritually encrypted messages for each client. I offer psychic readings, divine guidance, and spiritual answers. I use two pendulums simultaneously with a divination board to answer your spoken and unspoken questions. CALL ME NOW!

Personal number 46093


I am a spiritually gifted advisor. I look forward to assisting you on your journey! ❤️ ⭐️1-3 Card Messages⭐️1 Oracle Message ✨ Readings ✨ Finances Guidance Career Guidance Spiritual Guidance Life Path Guidance Birth Chart Guidance

Personal number 46494


I am a natural-born medium with over 8 years of experience helping those looking for answers to their questions.

Personal number 46927