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What do the cards reveal for you? Let's explore and have them help guide you toward your next path. Is it Love? Friendship? Career? Or Anything in between? Let's take a look at what paths are open to you.

Personal number 19097


Hello Beautiful Soul, Welcome to my lil corner of the interwebs. Do you ever wonder what messages or guidance the universe has for you? This is a safe space and a judgment free zone. Together we can dig into what you are needing to explore to get you on your path to your highest good. I offer Chakra Readings, Self-Care Spreads and General Readings. Have the most Amazing Day!! I look forward to working with you.

Personal number 35726


Hi my name is Ludus. I am a fourth generation Australian clairvoyant psychic tarot card reader specialising in astrology, Break ups and love and relationship tarot. I can help you get the answers you seek and the clarity you need and give guidance and advice and be there to listen to your concerns and questions. I have over thirty years experience as I have had this gift since a child. Hope to speak with you soon.

Personal number 45498


As a descendant from a lineage of clairvoyants my path has been shaped by a deep connection to the mystical realm. Through candles, cowrie shell divination, and the ancient art of egg reading, I interpret symbolic patterns and messages. With intuitive guidance and compassion, I lead you to love, abundance, and triumph. Embrace enchantment, unleash your potential, and manifest the life you desire. Let me be your guide! Optional: Experience the power of spell casting upon request.

Personal number 14286


Although I may not be seen as 'online' at times, I still accept and respond to all messages! Divinely Feminine 🦋💫🩷 Although born into a family with a long line of gifted women, my near death experiences and daily practices only strengthened my natural abilities, gifted from God. I use my knowledge of Astrology, Tarot, and spirituality in combination with my psychic gifts to help people from a compassionate and nonjudgmental point of view. I specialize in love and relationships, past lives, and healing journeys. I am so glad the universe brought you to me! ✨🧿

Personal number 37698


Wanna know what the universe is trying to tell you? Have a situation you're in and need some advice? Need some advice in love or friends and family relationships? Let's check the cards for some insight or see what the spirit guides have to say.Haven't been feeling well and hoping to get some healing energy? Let's talk!

Personal number 39868


Mentalist, psychic and fortune teller at the same time. Expert in love, work and and improvement in your profession. I'll give you true and valuable advices for your future life and your search for happiness.

Personal number 47915


I am a generational master psychic medium and metaphysical mentor. I interpret energy through multiple disciplines: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairambience, and mediumship. My life’s passion exists in assisting others in realizing their soul’s purpose. My primary ability is channeling energy from Spirit. This unique form of correspondence between dimensions was passed down to me from my mother’s side of the family, and has provided me the ability to read people almost instantaneously, on a deep and intuitive level. I also experience precognitive dreams, practice mediumship, and have powerful empathic abilities.

Personal number 49867