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Mentalist, psychic and fortune teller at the same time. Expert in love, work and and improvement in your profession. I'll give you true and valuable advices for your future life and your search for happiness.

Personal number 47915


Hello, my name is Ava! 💛 I am a Tarot reader and a Certified Reiki Healer. I also speak SPANISH; text/call now! I am Peruvian American, and I grew up in a very spiritual household that allowed me to develop my intuition and sensitivity from a young age. I have over 6 years of experience with Tarot. I can help you navigate through profound issues and difficult life circumstances with the help of my ancestors and divine team. On my free time, I enjoy music, cooking, and travel. You can watch more of my content and reading style in my platforms. I'm glad to answer any questions! 💌Feel free to message me even when I'm away! I will get back to you within 24 hrs. 🦋Find my content on TikTok: @willka.magick🦋

Personal number 48594


My name is Donna Williams and I am an independent psychic. For your personal reading I use tarot cards. If you have a specific question then please let me know at the beginning of the phone reading. If not i will use the tarot cards to give you a general reading and overview of your situation. I am available for in-depth readings. The messages are to answer one question only! I am easy going and friendly and i have the ability to put people at ease and give them valuable insight and guidance

Personal number 10652


I have been practicing the craft for approximately 10-12 years and have been reading tarot just about as long. I am also an empath, can sometimes commune with spirits (when they so chose), energy jump, and pendulum. For answers to your questions, I will shuffle til the spirit feels he has given the answer. That could be one card or up to 5. But can also do a 5 card spread if needed.This is a judgement free zone. Practice all inclusive love and positivity! Stop by for a chat and let's see what the spirit wants you to know and understand. For chat (messages), I will only answer one question per chat.

Personal number 24868


Hello Beautiful Souls! I am a Natural Born Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Channel/Medium and have been a Mystic/Seer many Lifetimes. I Love helping others with these Gifts and would be Honored to assist you with whatever Life advice or Spiritual Guidance you need at this time. If I am not online you can still schedule a booking or message me. Text BLESS ME and I will send Positive Energy and Prayers your way. Love, Light, Blessings and a Beautiful Future to You!

Personal number 47573


I am an experienced psychic, non judgemental tarot reader. I have worked for different service providers over the years including Sally Morgan, Psychic Living, Justin Toper, Daily Mirror, Moonbar and Trusted Psychics. I have eleven years of experience of working with spirit through tarot to help many people who are in need of guidance and answers. I specialise in relationship readings but offer readings on any subject. I always do my best to help in any way I can so please call to say hello! Starseeds welcome :D

Personal number 49410


Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Alexa, your trusted conduit to the cosmic mysteries. With a gift for seeing beyond the veil, she offers profound insights and guidance to navigate life's twists and turns. Whether unraveling the threads of fate or tapping into your innermost desires, Alexa invites you to embrace the unknown and unlock the boundless potential that awaits. Let her illuminate your path to fulfillment and empowerment, one mystical reading at a time.

Personal number 47516


I am a natural empath and intuitive, channeling the messages you need to hear. I use tarot cards, pendulums, oracle cards and energy channeling to clarify the things you need to hear.

Personal number 28129