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I have the ability to tap into the unseen world and provide insights that can help you navigate life challenges and discover your true path. Through my intuition and connection to higher realms of consciousness, I can provide clarity on matters such as relationships, career, and personal growth. If you are seeking deeper understanding and a greater sense of purpose, I invite you to connect with me and discover the transformative power of psychic guidance. Follow me on Twitter: MysticEmberLuna

Personal number 12618


Hello! I'm the Heathen. I've been reading personally for almost 15 years and professionally for about 2 years. I have multiple decks and deities to assist me. I intuitively read and love to hear feedback on readings I provide.

Personal number 22604


Hello you lovely people, my name is xCrystalx. I realised I was blessed with my gifts. I will connect to your own energy and using my Spiritual awareness, Spirit guides and my Tarot cards I will answer any questions you may have and help to situations in your present and future. have been a medium all my life. I started reading for people using tarot cards when i was thirteen years old, and i loved it! I developed my spiritual connection throughout my life. I am ready to connect.

Personal number 12843


I am an experienced Tarot and Angel card reader. I have been reading for over 10 years. I will combine my psychic abilities to give you an in-depth Tarot reading. I am honest and always read from my heart. I will do my best to seek the answers you are looking for and find the path you belong on.

Personal number 12445


Psychic,witch, Empath with the gift to unveil the truth. I communicate with Angels,spirit guides,and even those that are no longer with us. The path to healing starts today! Whatever questions you may have will be answered accurately and honestly I will not sugarcoat. You deserve answers! Blessings always, Envy

Personal number 12077


Hello, I am PSYCHIC, clairaudient and clairsentient. I use TAROT for clarity, confirmation and concrete detail. I also do DREAM interpretation. LOVERS/SP feelings and SPIRITUAL and CAREER guidance are some of my specialties. I've been reading energy all my life and receiving prophetic dreams for over twenty years. With me, you will get the TRUTH and nothing but the truth with COMPASSION. Available for EXTENDED chats readings don't forget to follow me so you can see when I'm logged in *Blessings*

Personal number 46891


Come to me my child for tarot reading is what I love and helping my clients is what I love most. This has been my passion for a very long time, and like a fine wine, my skills continue to improve as the sands of time slowly pass through the hourglass. My ever dutiful spirit guides and yours will assist in bringing the wisdom of the cards to the surface in the form of your answers. My guides and I look forward to hearing from you.

Personal number 48001


Welcome, I'm the Tarot Prophet. For many years I have been specializing in Tarot readings for many associates. At first I started for myself to do my own personal readings and then things became so successful with my associates Ive decided to turn it into a career! I have worked on many social network platforms and I have never had an associate have a bad experience. I want to provide the same for you so reach out today!

Personal number 25264