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Dive into the world of intuitive tarot with me. With 4 years of experience and a legacy of intuition from my mother, I offer empathetic readings and guidance. Harness the power of the cards and embark on a journey of clarity and empowerment. Let's unveil the messages the universe holds for you.

Personal number 38520


Hello to all and welcome, call me Lady tarot or Lady T for short, I'm down with that. I have natural gifts since I was a young child I was connected and saw spirits. I work with Angels and my ancestors for life guidance and direction, let my guides be your guides and may they help bring you clarity.

Personal number 31194


I have been "gifted" for as long as I can remember. It started off with just feelings or thoughts. Over the years I discovered I am indeed "clairsentient" I use all of my senses and just that old feeling to help others. I also use tarot cards, pendulum, pictures, and oracle decks. I have proven to be pretty accurate over the years even when I didn't want to be.

Personal number 10665


I am Mavis Morganna McKenzie. I am a Tarot, Angel & Oracle card reader. I am connected to an amethyst pendulum. I channel Universal energy and my amethyst pendulum to help unblock/heal. I read Amethyst runes which gives guidance not future readings. I offer yes/no questions by text. I can use my amethyst pendulum or the cards. Please request which method you prefer. *Please note I can only answer 1 question/ 1 card pull per text message*

Personal number 40071


My name is Donna Williams and I am an independent psychic. For your personal reading I use tarot cards. If you have a specific question then please let me know at the beginning of the phone reading. If not i will use the tarot cards to give you a general reading and overview of your situation. I am available for in-depth readings. The messages are to answer one question only! I am easy going and friendly and i have the ability to put people at ease and give them valuable insight and guidance

Personal number 10652


Psychic phone chat services can provide you with insights and guidance on a variety of issues, including love, career, finances, relationships, and more. The psychic readers use their intuitive skills and life experiences to offer wisdom and insight to help ease anxiety, alleviate fear, gain confidence, and validate suspicions.

Personal number 39342


POWERFUL YET ACCURACTE ANSWER TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP & CAREER QUESTIONS, BREAK UP, LOST, SPIRTUAL AWAKENING. I HAVE GUIDED SEVERAL CLIENTS FROM BAD SITUATION TO BETTER ONE. QUAILTY IS THE MISSION YET EFFICIENT. LOVE 💗 LIGHT I understand you’re looking for answers and that is exactly what I will provide to you. I'm a very honest & direct in my approach when providing readings. I'm very warm hearted to bring clarity to your unique situation. Honesty is my cup of tea

Personal number 27224


Hello you lovely people, my name is xCrystalx. I realised I was blessed with my gifts. I will connect to your own energy Back online please feel free to contact me

Personal number 12843