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Highly Empathetic and intuitive My specialty is feelings energy, I have been this way all my life. As a child, I just knew things and could feel things in my being connected to others and surroundings,I also use The tarot cards to Chanel more accurate and profound messages, I will only tell you the truth as I see it ,so not expect fairytales. Message is for one short question ,For more than one question,please submit and in-depth reading request.

Personal number 34989


I have 15+ years of experience (and counting) I am Proficient in conducting psychic readings using various tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry, and numerology to provide accurate and insightful guidance. I am Non judgemental and I create a safe place for you to be comfortable. In just a few moments you'll realize you came to the right reader. Blessings your away always .

Personal number 12077


Hello my name is Iris & I'm an intuitive reader who does intuition based readings for love/relationships angle cards /tarot , spirit guides etc . I'd love to give someone guidance in the right direction don't be shy to contact me as I am here to help . Stay safe & blessed be <3

Personal number 37858


I have a great knowledge of tarot cards and use them as a tool to help guide me along with the energies I see and pick up this helps gives me the opportunity to give a more intensive reading. Along the way I also use the guides to help me see and help me understand and share any messages. I have also obtained a diploma from the Center of Excellence in Tarot which has given me a higher knowledge of the cards and there history. I am here to help guide you on your journey. Blessings

Personal number 18820


I have had a psychic gift since age 4, I have seen many life events before they happen unfold right in front of me. My clairvoyant ability allows me to tap into clients energy and see events happen normally one to two days before. I specialise in mainly relationships, giving spiritual guidance and feeling the energy and feelings of others, using Oracle /Tarot cards. I have had people of all ages ask for life guidance and healing for many years before being drawn to tarot and readings.

Personal number 29414


I am new to the online world of Tarot, but I am here and ready to assist you in any way I can. I am still learning about how to best strengthen my gifts and abilities, but I am deeply dedicated to this and to helping others seek the answers they desire or need.

Personal number 16817


I have been &amp;quot;gifted&amp;quot; for as long as I can remember. It started off with just feelings or thoughts. Over the years I discovered I am indeed &amp;quot;clairsentient&amp;quot; I use all of my senses and just that old feeling to help others. I also use tarot cards, pendulum, pictures, and oracle decks. I have proven to be pretty accurate over the years even when I didn't want to be.

Personal number 10665


I have been working in the Psychic Industry for the past 23 years.I work free hand which means only using my gift and I can also bring in the Tarot and Playing cards to get more information for you.I am a very dedicated Psychic and always believe in my clients leaving my readings feeling very positive about their future and more in control.I always like to give very down to earth,compassionate and direct readings with no frills or fancy words

Personal number 13744