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Hi I am Amanda I have a gifted and have been gifted Psychic over 30 plus years!!! I am fast accurate and honest!!! If you wanting to know how she/he feels about you, Contact time or there cheating place feel free to contact you will be simply amazed and won't regret it!!! I am looking forward in doing a accurate reading with you to help you with what ever you are needing reading on today!!!

Personal number 7332


High i am a medium who is skilled in love and relationships and spirit guides. I am a healer with 20 years experience.

Personal number 7052


I have been able to connect with Spirit since the age of 4 and believe that our loved ones are only a breath away. I trust my guides and call upon them in my readings. I am a very positive, caring person. My readings will give you some spiritual guidance as I am a qualified counsellor. I use angel cards, tarot cards and my spirit guides in my readings. I can help on a range of topics such as love and relationships, career, general life direction. Please give contact me if I can help

Personal number 5613


I realized from a very young age that i was special. I've always had a 6th sense in the worlds around me as a medium. It took me many years to fully open myself up to my gifts. For a long time it scared me. Now I enjoy helping others find their way with guidance from my 'light ones' (what i call my spirit guides), & helping others find peace and closure Reaching out to loved ones who have passed from this worldly dimension.

Personal number 4573


I am a natural born and gifted fourth generation psychic with over 25 years of experience this rent to my family for a hundred and fifty years this gift I've been doing reading since I was 15 years old I am able to tap into your spirit angels and Spirit guides specializing in love and relationship twin flames and soulmate connection

Personal number 6212


I am a psychic and spiritualist specialist in love and relationship I come from a natural gifted generation of clairvoyants and spiritualist my gift has been with me since a young child and over the years I have mastered my ability to provide accurate insights into all lifes most important areas including love finance career and spirituality Im also a dream interpreter and chakra master.

Personal number 0058


Hi there, I am a psychic who has had my abilities since I was a wee child. I am able to help others see where their life should head and sometimes am able to predict the future or tell you if your lover is meant to be or rught around the corner. I read tarot, have visions and use my crystal ball to help guide me.

Personal number 2790


Hi there Thank you for checking out my profile. I was gifted with "the sight" at a young age and have been able to see spirits my entire life. I can also interpret dreams, with vivid accuracy. My connection to the mystical has been very powerful and has helped many people who feel disenfranchised or lost in anxiety.

Personal number 1261