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Hello, Since many years, I help people in their life as a Listener, and Consellor. In Love, Frienship, Life, Professional and more, every issue has a solution. In the same way, if you just want to talk to someone, I'd be very here to listen to you. In 1998, I discovered that I have the gift of communicating with Guardian Spirits, our loved ones who have passed away. I also have feelings, read faces, feel personalities by looking at the face and eyes of the person concerned.

Personal number 21493


Hey, I'm neonyellowheart! I'm a Spiritual Advisor and Divination Specialist who offers honest, empowering and motivating guidance for all who God guide my way. Experience Intuitively Unique Spiritual Guidance; reading services specially designed by assessing what methods, routes, techniques and tools I feel may accentuate & enhance your bespoke, one of a kind experience - always in alignment with your individual, energetic identity. I look forward to chatting and connecting with you!

Personal number 10247


Mysticism and spiritism are both very important to me, and are not to be taken lightly. My Mother is a medium and my Gram was a mystic. Every reading that I give taps into your ancestors and guides to help you along your way. I will provide you with an oracle reading, and it will address those things that are preventing you from being your best self. There is no future without first addressing the past.

Personal number 23226


I was born and raised into a very spiritual and gifted family. At the young age of 6 I became aware of my psychic abilities. Through out my youth I studied Chakras, crystals, tarot, past lives, astrology, etc. A psychic reading with me would offer you direct, confidential, non-judgemental,intuitive, accepting, sympathetic, expressive, thoughtful, sufficient help and answers! Not only do I offer answers but I offer guidance and clarity as well!

Personal number 22160


***This is a admin test account. Please do not try to send any messages to this reader or call this profile***

Personal number 19124


Personal number 23000


I will give u a broader view of your present.... help u overcome and defeat your past and dominate your future

Personal number 23325


I'm a 3rd generation shaman and psychic medium. I specialize in angel and spirit messages, as well as tarot and oracle readings. I'm an intuitive healer that can help you tap into your own intuitive "clair" gifts for greater health, wealth, love, joy, and abundance. I have over 10 years of reading and helping people through intuitive psychic medium guidance.

Personal number 16226