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Hello my name is Iris & I'm an intuitive reader who does intuition based readings for love/relationships angle cards /tarot , spirit guides etc . I'd love to give someone guidance in the right direction don't be shy to contact me as I am here to help . Stay safe & blessed be <3

Personal number 18070


I'm Madame Sunrise. I'm here to be your Spirit Guide into the Supernatural. You have come to right place. I will take care you like you are my own.

Personal number 18050


If you're reading this it means you were meant to, Fate is the reason why you and me ended up here, on the same place. I'm here to talk to you, about how your approach to what is around you can change the way you see the world and the way the world sees you. I'm a girl from Europe like many others, with some unreached dreams and some passion. I hope you choose to enter in contact with me so that we both can share the things this Fate has reserved for us.

Personal number 21974


Hello , I am Crystal Runes. I use tarot cards, oracle cards or runes to ask the universe what you may have in store. Ask questions about love, career, spiritual guidance etc but no health questions please. Text readings only at the moment. For more than one question or for a 'past/present/possible future' type reading please select an indepth request. Please let me know whether you want a tarot, oracle or rune reading. xxx

Personal number 11100


Ive been doing tarot for 5 years. Im a psychic intuitive specializing in advice from your spiritual team. I help receive messages you have been missing on your journey and I can help identify blocks and traumas in your life stopping you from succeeding.

Personal number 21756


Hello my name is psychic Candice I'm a third-generation natural-born psychic born gifted I specialize in all walks of life I am a master psychic I'm a certified life coach spiritualist I provide clarity 99% accuracy honest no sugar coating I'm intuitive clairvoyant spiritualist allow me to give you guidance I helped many people giving them Clarity and set them on the right path

Personal number 21128


I am an Empath and a Clairsentient. These gifts work hand in hand both benefiting the other to allow me to attune my higher self to your spirit and sometimes your soul. I can feel the emotions and feelings of anyone around me and further still I can pinpoint the source of each. I can feel energies from past, present, and future. Allowing me the opportunity to help make life's challenges a bit easier and guide you to what destiny has in store for you, while leading you to a happier existence.

Personal number 21643


20+ years of experience in the psychic and spiritual healing field Specializing in Love, Protection/Defense, Clearing, Manifestation, Predictions, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Frequency Healing, Clairvoyant Messages, Egyptian energy work, Hawaiian elemental healing, Remote Healing and Protection, Lost Objects, Custom Candles, Custom Sigils, Custom Mojo Bags, Breathing techniques, and other meditation techniques.

Personal number 21835