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I've had prophetic visions about my own life that have helped me immensely - let me help you, too.

Personal number 21463


Welcome! For over 10 years I have been using my gifts of intuition and communication with spirit guides to lead my life and help answer questions or gently direct those around me. My preferred mediums are tarot, oracle and angel decks, as well as pendulums and candle communication. Feel free to stop in, let your mind relax, and receive your messages

Personal number 10607


I can give you the answer to every question you may have. psychic, intuitive, medium: claircognizence, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, channeling, divination, energy healing, precognition, psychometry, retrocognition, information about your past life

Personal number 19126


Hello. When I was younger I always seemed to make friends who were strange. It wasn't until my early teens that learned my family had the gift to see and speak to the dead. This is on both sides of my family. I have helped people with grief over the death of loved ones, be they human or animals.

Personal number 21548


Hey i am a very spiritual women and I have been looking into Spiritual cards for a good few years now. I am great at Astrology and a few other things like Angel cards and Guidance readings. Please allow me to tell you your future.

Personal number 17893


I realized from a very young age that i was special. I've always had a 6th sense in the worlds around me as a medium. It took me many years to fully open myself up to my gifts. For a long time it scared me. Now I enjoy helping others find their way with guidance from my 'light ones' (what i call my spirit guides), & helping others find peace and closure Reaching out to loved ones who have passed from this worldly dimension.

Personal number 14573


Hi, I'm Alice, I've been practicing clairvoyance and tarot for 10 years! I'm super excited to chat with you!

Personal number 21489


Blessed with the gift of seeing, I've developed my craft into a beautiful way to assist those in search of life's truemeaning and of their own purpose on earth. Studying and mastering my craft for almost 2 decades, I've become so passionate about helping others along the road of enlightenment. Often times we want to be somuch of one thing we lose balance. I can show you how to become your own energy alchemist by learning to love YOU while turning all that old energy into lighter positive energy

Personal number 15596