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I never expected to be a psychic healer,I began when I realized that my unresolved trauma from childhood was stifling the happiness I desired.As I healed, my life and business began flourishing in unprecedented ways! As I work with clients all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds, I'm certain of one thing:You can create the harmony you desire, you just have to do the inner work.My clients have healed from anxiety, depression,PTSD, fertility issues, and so much more. How can I help you?

Personal number 17824


Hello my name is Iris & I'm an intuitive reader who does intuition based readings for love/relationships angle cards /tarot , spirit guides etc . I'd love to give someone guidance in the right direction don't be shy to contact me as I am here to help . Stay safe & blessed be <3

Personal number 18070


I am a gifted Tarot reader, astrologer, natural empath and intuitive psychic with 25 years experience. I was awakened to my gift as a little girl by my maternal great grandmother. I work with Tarot cards, Angel cards, crystals, spirt guides, dream work and intuition. I can support you in all areas of your life in a positive and inspirational way. Together we can gain a deeper understanding into your situation, so you can feel empowered and positive going forward.

Personal number 13625


Crystalrose, I have experience using the tarot cards for 5 years. I have done readings for family and friends and I also took part in giving tarot card readings at fairs and also tarot card workshops . I combine my tarot card readings with my mediumship abilities when I pass on messages from the spiritual realm. The type of tarot card packs I use is the Mythic tarot card (NO Longer On text chat voice only chat) thankyou

Personal number 16267


Hi there For over 35 years I have communicated with the angelic realm and the world of spirit. Today I can bring you, via their unconditional love the best of psychic readings, spiritual guidance, coaching and support. Whatever your spiritual needs, I guarantee that I will try to help you as much as I can. However, my psychic services do not stop there! I also offer dream analysis and guidance on working with the Law of Attraction to help manifest your desires. Why not call today?

Personal number 22937


I am a 5th generation Empath!! I use my abilities to help others find their path and purpose. Several years of experience and knowledge enjoying my gift in helping others.

Personal number 15365


Ive been doing tarot for 5 years. Im a psychic intuitive specializing in advice from your spiritual team. I help receive messages you have been missing on your journey and I can help identify blocks and traumas in your life stopping you from succeeding.

Personal number 21756


I can give you the answer to every question you may have. psychic, intuitive, medium: claircognizence, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, channeling, divination, energy healing, precognition, psychometry, retrocognition, information about your past life

Personal number 19126