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Genuine caring listener with years of experience as a Counsellor aswell as having a natural gift . 5X RATED WITH MANY REPEAT CALLERS My Unique Cards can uncover many surprises! I can be here to reassure you or even answer the silliest or even smallest of questions that you may think but I never will. I am not here to judge but to help you and guide you into a brighter light. Your happiness & future awaits ! Lots of love ❤️

Personal number 17047


Tarot Card Reading! I also do Ribbon Reading!Each ribbon represent a different meaning.You choose 6 Colour Ribbon,starting with the 1st colour your drawn to until you have chosen 6 ribbons.Message or call with the 1st to 6th colour ribbon & I will read them.. Ribbon Colour.... Red, Pink, Dark Pink, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Green, Brown, Dark Plum, Pale Blue, Peach, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Purple, Pearl Grey... Please ask for extended reading though text messages Peace & Blessing

Personal number 15615


I'm a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan. I've been giving readings from my Oracle cards and Tarot cards for 6 years and consider myself to be an all-rounder when it comes to being in touch with my spiritual being. People are always attracted to my aura and like me, they sense my gifts alike.

Personal number 23140


Hello guys, I am Rachell and I am here open to help you and give you an advice. I am very good in love and relationship, I can understand any problems and I am ready to help you to sort it out.


I discovered my gift at a very young age when I was able to tell my family things I shouldn't have known, I developed this skill / Gift over the years and have made so many people happy, its my goal in life to make as many people as happy as possible through the use of my gift

Personal number 11365


Ask me questions and I will tell you everything you need to know. I am a psychic, i discovered my gift on several instances and I would love to relieve people of the burdens of living.

Personal number 23003


I am very in tune with spirit and have been helping people all my life and guiding them. I have always had a gift and was able to predict so much as a young child. I have seen and dealt with many spirits and advised helped to move them on if need be. Always happy to connect with loved ones and pass on any messages from them.

Personal number 11680


Hi, My name is Hatsepsut. I am reincarnated egyptian soul from the age of pharaohs. Between my specialities belongs practising white and black magic. I am also specialist at manifesting too.I can teach you how manifest things quickly and easily. Do you want become a wealthy or healthy? Or you need help with healing, with love & relationships or with astrology? So, contact me. I am waiting for your answers. I am always here for you. Yours Hatsepsut

Personal number 12021