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dearest friends ones that I know & those who I have the privilege to get to know.Life throws so many things in our way,as a result pain can be immense.However I have answers to all your burning questions whether it be about love, relationships, career, financial.Please do not be disheartened anymore.Call me for a reading & let me lead you to peace.I speak the truth.I have experienced so many miracles-so have no fear about anything anymore as I ask you to feel FAITH,HOPE,TRUST.LOVE.PEACE & LIGHT

Personal number 11213


Psychic, Clairvoyant, and more in the spiritual realm. Light, Love & Profound peace- come with an open mind & heart. Trust the process.

Personal number 20343


Hi! My name is Emily! Ive been a psychic medium my whole life. Ive always felt my purpose was to help people. Now I can use my abilities to do so I specialize in general tarot readings and spirit readings. With general readings, I connect to my guides, your guides, and your spirit family to receive the messages and insight you need. With spirit readings, I connect with your passed loved ones and deliver their messages to you

Personal number 28501


I am here to help you find the answers or advice that you are looking for.I can use my tarot cards to gain an insight into what is going to happen,or answer certain questions regarding love, career or health.I can also look at your astrology profiling to see what you have in store. I am down to earth,warm and friendly and make a genuine connection with all of my callers.If I am not online for a verbal reading-you will get a prompt written reply.Or ask for an extended reading for more in depth

Personal number 14750


I have been psychic from an early age and have experience with the tarot and pendulum. I work mostly spirit led though. I am caring honest and non judgmental. I am a good listener too. With the help of my spirit guides I will assist you with your path, and provide clarity for you. I SPECIALIZE IN Love relationship and family readings. More than one question request in-depth please. I won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Talk soon, Shelly.

Personal number 17613


I have 5 years of experience as luxury psychic reader and my psychic gifts came to me as teenager. My gifts only cover romance,careers, lucid dreaming, and financial issues.Plus, I am quite skilled as the premier Vampire tarot reader. Plus, I am one of the few North American Bacchante and my spirit guide is Roman God of wine, Bacchus. I also can do Reiki financial distance healing sessions with my spiritual guide.

Personal number 10119


Astrologer Clairvoyant Medium Psychic Tarot Reader With Spirit Guides. Also Angel Card Reader Akashic Records Colour Therapist Dream Analyst Lost Objects Numerologist Paranormal Investigator Parapsychologist. Focus On Pets Too. Spiritualist Wiccan. Over 30 Years Experience Including T.V. & Media Work. From A Long Line Of Gifted Family Members In The Esoteric Field Including My Grandmother & Great Grandmother Who Helped Form The Local Spiritualist Church. Caring Empathic Intuitive Inspirational.

Personal number 13427


Psychic Emma is inviting you on a journey to enlightenment balance the mind body and soul using her techniques she is able to read with very little information such as name and date of birth if you are wondering what the year 2023 has planned for you contact her today! Emma specializes in reuniting twin flames past lives Love break ups and much more! She is positive and a comforting person who offers the best advice no matter the situation and offers you the truth & clarity you need

Personal number 19908