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Mercury in Retrograde- What does it Mean?

October 9, 2015

Mercury is currently in retrograde, but what does that mean for you?

There's a few times every year when you will hear that Mercury is in retrograde. This basically means that when the Earth passes Mercury, it appears to be moving backwards, or in retrograde. This is because Mercury is moving slower than the Erath.

But why is that significant for you? Well many psychics believe that Mercury Retrograde can have all kinds of effects on your every day life during this period!

The planet Mercury influences our communication with one another, and it's best to think about the words you use when talking to one another, as there is a great risk of miscommunication and falling out!

Also, have you ever noticed that bad things happen to you a lot in a short period of time? More clumsy accidents, breaking things or being a bit careless? This can all be down to Mercury retrogade.

You can talk to our psychic readers to find out how best to deal with problems that may arise due to this! They will be full of great advice to make sure that it passes with as little incident as possible!