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Angel Cards

September 1, 2017

Angel cards, unlike the traditional tarot cards come in many hues. They can range from the whimsical to the wonderful, the traditional to the bizarre, to the colourful or subdued and ethereal. Some cards come with no words on them at all. Others offer individual words to reflect upon. Some have entire messages with action to take and affirmations to repeat. It's not for me to recommend certain brands in my blog because we are all different. This isn't a sales pitch but from personal experience I would say one's collection grows with experience. Certain decks become one's favourites. One tunes in better with some cards more than others. They become the firm friends to whom one goes for advice, enlightenment and encouragement.

My most valued angel cards connect with individual angels. By working with an entire deck of cards it is possible to draw on valuable advice from the entire ethereal realm. Every angel has their own expertise and specialism. Cards drawn will show you where your deficiencies lie and how you might remedy them. Let's ask for advice now for us all. I will shuffle my favourite angel deck and see what the universal message is for those of you whom come upon this blog.

Card one reads 'Face your Challenges'. This angel card connects with Michael, the warrior angel. He helps us find our life purpose. He lends us his armour and sword to protect us when faced with difficult people and situations. Michael can give you protection leading to greater courage and confidence!

Card two reads 'Trust the Flow' and connects with Micah. Micah is an angel who can help us on the right path. He can help us find our true focus and purpose in life and guide us along it. Once those challenges are being faced he steps in to go with us along the path.

Card three reads 'Seek Within'. It connects with Ambriel, an angel of communication. He will help you dig deep within yourself communicating with your deeper knowing and understanding. You will then be able to tap into your unique skills and abilities.

In summary? Be brave, don't push against the current and be true to yourself. What a lovely message. The beauty of this is that one can begin to gather more knowledge about individual angels and call upon them for help 24/7.

One doesn't need an Angel Deck to communicate with Angels but an Angel Card selected can get one to the right' department'. This saves time without having to press options 1,2, 3 and so on before being 'cut off' and having to go back to square one! Angels always listen and they are around us all the time. By working with Angel cards we can have some very special and intimate moments with our fantastic feathered friends.

I found this wonderful message in my Angel Numbers book. 'You have nothing to worry about, because there are many angels with you right at this moment. Give any fears to them'. Blessing, Zinnia (43993)

Written by: Zinnia x

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