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Hi, My name is Lady Iris, I 17 years experience as a tarot, astrology, rune, and dream interpretation expert. I am highly accurate, aligned in divine truth, and unconditional love. I go above and beyond when giving a reading to my client. I have been psychic all my life as a sun water sign trine and learned to trust my intuition at a very young age. I have influences from Inca, Viking, Italian, Maya, greek/ Roma, Celtic, and Czech in my bloodline.


My tiny, sassy grandma was psychic. She blew people away her whole life with her gift! She tried to repress it at times, unsuccessfully. And we always shared a psychic bond. Through my journey with tarot, I have come to believe that through partially her ancestral wisdom and intuition are channeled in my tarot readings. She guides me. But, I have always had the gift. I am also an astrologer (and some human design) who is great with explaining the basics: natal birth charts, compatibility, etc


I have been telepathic and intuitive all my life. My studies have accumulated post graduate degrees in the Arts with the addition of Certified Coaching. I am a very skilled remote viewer. My strength is empathy and intuitive coaching. I see the big picture and break down small details.


Hello Iam psychic Persia I specialize in Tarot ,Palm readings and Psychic readings I do not need any information from you To start a reading call me today for a better tomorrow let’s see what’s in store for your future if you’re having love issues On a crossroad don’t know what path to take Not sure if he or she is the one definitely give me a call and I can help you die due to the right path in life that you’re meant to be on I also specialize in past love Ones I will not steer you


Hi im Expert Spiritual Advisor MahoganyLuv , i have been in discovery of my Gifts for 14+ years and been doing Spiritual work now for over 6 years, i love what i do , i have a passion for using my Gifts for the given purpose , my Gifts: Clairvoyant , Empath , Intuitive , and Dreamer. i Specialize in reading Tarot , and oracle , Numerology, Past, Present, Future, General Life, TimeFrames, Love and Relationships, Money, Career, and PastLife.


Hi I do tarot I specialize in general readings but I can also read auras as well and do pendulum readings and oracle a very down to earth women who is blunt but very kind good at creating safe spaces for people to release and just be free


Hello, you may call me Queen. I have over 10+years of training and experience in all area, I'm looking to expand my clientele. My expertise includes *Love and relationship reading *Connecting with your ancestor *Advice of spiritual lessons *Help with writing affirmations and building a manifestation plans/work * Healing and much, much more. Allow me to be your one stop shop for spiritual healing advice and advancement!


I've been reading professionally now for 9yrs, my method is Divination via Oracle and Tarot cards...