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I can help you with anything that you would like all you have to do is just ask me and I'll tell you


Good day to all. My name is missbernadette and I deal with tarot cards. My gift in using them was passed down through my mother's side. I have an affinity with the cards and use my intuition to help guide me regarding a reading. I take my tarot cards seriously and never underestimate at just what they can tell someone about their future. I offer love and relationship readings. Work and career readings and I offer a lint term in depth reading as well


I am a clairvoyant/audient/sentient psychic and have used tarot cards for over 15 years, as a way to channel my abilities and to help others on their spiritual path and navigate through life's challenges. Having learnt many of the Tarot's spiritual and life lessons myself, I can definitely identify with my client's needs and where they may be on their life/spiritual path and my readings get straight to the heart of the matter with insight, empathy and confidentiality.


At a young age I would hear voices and when I was about 12 we went on vacation to Hawaii and this woman came up to me and my mother and started to cry. My mother ask her what was wrong? The woman looked at me and then took my mothers hands and looked at her in her eyes and says. Mam your child speaks to the sprites and the sprites speak to you daughter. Please keep her safe and keep her eyes to her God to lead her on what she should do. As I got older and with my heart I can understand them.


I have been to a new culture and a world that speak differently. I can feel your feelings and generate a view of life I am educated Very open personality Outgoing Caring


Believes your life path is part of her life path. Tweaks your thought process to change your life. Reminds you of your worth and beauty.


I had it from my grandmother I can clearly understand people needs by their energy fields, she use to help children while they burn and give this talent to me before she die


Heirs of the past, Children of the present, makers of the future. Your a brave, free-thinking go-better who doesn't like to follow the crowd but probably lead one. Plus who doesn't love their ideas posted.