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I've been gifted with proficiency in astral projection and prophetic dream interpretation since I was a small child. It seems to run in my family and I love to use gifts for the betterment of mankind.


I am a 3rd generation psychic and empath, who works with Tarot cards and runes. I can help with decision-making regarding career and relationships queries. I am also a very sympathetic and compassionate listener, who can help guide you through your troubles and advice you on a better path. Much love ❤️ Lunar


Hi my name is Angel I'm a 4th generation psychic medium clairvoyant I specialize in reuniting love ones and helping people find they're true soulmates I have 11 years experience I can help with all issues of life including finances relationships past life regression chakra balancing my psychic readings are 100% honest and non-judgemental my reading style is straightforward but also understanding and compassionate I like to connect with my clients as if they're talking to a friend


Welcome! I am delighted you found me. I would like to share my gift with you. Perhaps you are finding yourself in uncertain times, your love life on the edge, or you just feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn next? Depressed, alone, in-debut? You're not alone, and I'm here too! I'd be happy to chat with you and give you an ear and may even along your light on your path.


A tarot reader and spiritual guide. Lover of astrology and the occult. Libra sun, scorpio moon, taurus ascending, a perfect guide and support. My libra sun gives me a diplomatic and friendly approach, my scorpio moon keeps me an empathetic perfectionist. My taurus ascending makes me a common sense kind of lady, with a love of living well and a strong ability to manifest my desires into action.


Hi my is Maria, I'm a 5th Generation Spiritual Psychic. I have been offering services and specializing in all areas of life for over 12 years. Together we will talk about your Past consult you on your Present, and guide and though your Future. I have been a Spiritual Psychic over 12 years. I noticed my abilities at the age of nine years old. I started to help my mother in her psychic shop at ten years old. I opened a psychic center in 2010 guiding many of people finally gain happiness.


I am here to help you figure out your path in life. We will figure out what you need and where to go from there.


I've possessed the ability to predict the unpredictable since I was at the tender age of 5. This talent was bestowed upon me through the universe, and I didn't utilize my talent until after I received my degree (which is in Music Education), and has nothing to do with my talent. I'm a Substitute Teacher by day, and a Psychic by night. Let me help you and I guarantee after you speak with me, whatever difficulty you're facing will disappear into the universe!