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I am a spiritual reader and advisor who gives honest answers to help you receive emotional healing and find your path to happiness. My name is Aradia Spirit. I’m a natural born medium and tarot reader. Being native, dream interpretation and spirit communication has been a significant part of my life since childhood. When I’m not giving readings, I enjoy studying herbal medicine and energetic healing methods.


I'm a tarot reader that specializes in communication with your ancestors, guides, and higher self. My readings range from deep mystical messages to empowering my clients to confidently make their day-to-day choices.


I have learned I've always been empathetic, and able to tap into people's emotions and feelings. When they feel any emotion I also feel that same feeling. I may not go through what they are, but, anyone can walk into a room and I feel energy and since how they do. My ability can hear thoughts and can hear what people are thinking. I have predicted futures. This all may seem like a form of voodoo, but honestly it's a divine knowing and understanding of feelings and emotions around us all.


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I received a gift as a child of being able to read people and situations and predict the future in areas of love, work, life. I am also a Master's level counselor.