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I am an expert in love and relationships, angel cards and am a medium. I'll be able to help you in these categories to the best of my abilities.


***I am currently on a period of leave, so unable to answer messages or calls. Please find a different reader, and best wishes*** I been psychic since I was 5 I have the ability to read people's aura and life I also do tarot cards, ruins, astrology, and angel cards. If you have problems finding out if the person is right for you, how about the job is it going to be yours. call me me now I'll tell your future I know you passed and I can set you on the right path.


I was born with the gift And practised my abilities from a very early age. I have been working professionally for almost 20 years now. I am a reiki master, angel healer and psychic medium. I also use tarot and angel cards so my clients have the choice of a spiritual or life reading. I do not put a limit on the information I give, if I get it you will receive it. I love my bond with spirit and the angelic realms and I take great pride in being able to bring the spirit world to you


I have been a spiritual medium for more than 25 years now. I've always been aware of spirit but I thought everyone saw them. It wasn't until my late teens that I really started looking into the way we can work with spirit. I also teach and am a Reiki practitioner. Communication between myself and spirit comes from source. I also use oracle cards and some aboriginal cards too. I'm very much looking forward to connecting you from this world, to the next. L&L


From the age of 2 I began to hear the Spirit World talk to me about situations in this life which would occur in the future. My link with astrology and my Spirit Guide have shown me the path to worldly opportunities and secrets which I want to share with you. Let me take you on the journey I have discovered and am longing to share in order to give you everything you desire.


I discovered that I was an indigo child when I was only 5 years old. My Romany Gypsy granny had died but I continued to speak to her. I was considered weird and unruly, when in fact I was just exhibiting the natural ability I had to interact with the spirits around me. I have spent the last few years defining my craft and helping others to understand their gifts. My life's goal is to spread awareness and acceptance of all those who are misunderstood because of their connection to spirituality.


Genuine and straight to the point. No fluff. Will help guide you down the right path. Able to give times and dates as to when an event will occur.


I'm still discovering and developing my psychic abilities, and I'm learning something new about my psychic abilities every day. I would love to talk to you and see if I can share something with you.