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been reading tarot cards for over 13 years and was also born with a veil which is very rare, also do crystal work


I am a empathetic reiki master and Psychic. I have been talking to spirits sense I was a little girl. They enjoy communicating and helping spirits move forward.


I am an expert in talking with our spirit guides. They are always here...they can lead the way if you listen. Love and relationships is also a speciality of mine.


Hello and welcome my name is Theresa I am a psychic and tarot card reader I am able to tell you the past as it was the present as it is in the future as it will be I specialize in love and relationships I am able to tell you if and when you will meet your soulmate or if he or she is the right one for you


Find your way to love and happiness with my psychic readings. I have over 16years experience.You want to love and be loved,Ask me how.I am also a medium and can communicate with spirits.If you have questions or need closure,Ask me how.


I have known I was psychic from the age of 7 and I am now 27 years old. So I've had my psychic powers for 20 years. My psychic knowledge of the Pdf and future always tell the truth. I am especially keen on relationships.


I have had this gift from a young age, I often have voices coming to me at night telling me there messages. My card readings are always spot on


Warm welcome from Natalizia. I'm available to help you find your calm. I'm ready to transmit to you positive energy and to empower you through this life journey. With the help of astrology, as well as my intuition, you can once again dance along with life. Looking forward to hear from you. Natalizia